PHP do…while Loop

The do-while loop is a variant of while loop, which evaluates the condition at the end of each loop iteration. With a do-while loop the block of code executed once, and then the condition is evaluated, if the condition is true, the statement is repeated as long as the specified condition evaluated to is true.

    // Code to be executed
<?php $i = 1; do{ $i++; echo "The number is " . $i . "<br>"; } while($i <= 3); ?>

PHP foreach Loop

The foreach loop is used to iterate over arrays.

foreach($array as $value){
    // Code to be executed
The following example demonstrates a loop that will print the values of the given array:

<?php $colors = array("Red", "Green", "Blue"); // Loop through colors array foreach($colors as $value){ echo $value . "<br>"; } ?>

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